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TPC(NACS) to J1772 Adapter

TPC(NACS) to J1772 Adapter

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Only compatible with AC Charging. Not compatible with DC Fast Charging.
Sold with Jowua's lock.


Design for J1772

For AC wall connector charging only. Not compatible with Tesla Supercharger.

Connector Durability
Pass mechanical life (No-load plug > 10,000 cycles) and insertion force < 80N.

Best Defense from Unplugs
JOWUA padlock design prevents unplugging from people in the public parking lot. (One padlock is included)

  • Cable end lock: Prevents the charging cable from being pulled away from the adapter.
  • Car end lock: Prevents the adapter from being pulled away from the car.

*Note: Since some models do not have a car-end locking mechanism, the car-end lock can be used depending on the vehicle's condition.

Electrical Performance
Rated Operating Current: 48A (MAX)
Operating Voltage: 250V (MAX) AC

International Dustproof and Waterproof Ratings
Completely sealed, dustproof and waterproof, don't worry about rainy days.

Excellent Protection Performance
Housing: Flame-retardant Thermoplastic (flammability standard UL94 V-0)


Rated Current 48A (MAX)
Rated Voltage 250V (MAX) AC
Insertion Force F < 80N
Connector Durability No-load plug/unplug > 10,000 cycles
Flame Retardant Grade UL94 V-0
Protection Grade IP55
Terminal Temperature Rise 50K
Ambient Temperature -30°C to + 50°C
Charging Standards Compatibility SAE J1772:2010
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