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Side + Rear Liftgate Window Sunshade for Model Y

Side + Rear Liftgate Window Sunshade for Model Y

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Designed for Model Y: Ultimate Comfort Sunshade

Elevate your Model Y experience with our premium sunshade, expertly designed for an impeccable fit across the rear gate and side windows. This sunshade not only enhances your vehicle's insulation but also ensures your comfort is paramount.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Transform your Model Y into a private retreat, ideal for car camping or simply enjoying a serene escape. Our sunshade effectively shields you from outside view, offering unparalleled privacy and peace of mind against any potential privacy breaches.

Superior Double-Sided High-Density Fabric

Experience a cooler, more comfortable interior with our double-sided, high-density fabric sunshade. By significantly reducing the car's internal temperature and blocking a substantial amount of solar heat, it ensures a more pleasant journey, regardless of the weather outside.

Convenient Folding and Storage Solution

Our thoughtfully designed sunshade is as convenient as it is effective. Easily foldable into a compact size, it comes with a stylish pouch for effortless storage. Plus, it's a perfect complement to the Jowua rear well liner, ensuring your Model Y's aesthetics and functionality are enhanced.

Package content included

  • 2 x Front Side Window Sunshade

  • 2 x Rear Side Window Sunshade

  • 2 x Triangular Window Sunshade

  • 1 x Rear Liftgate Sunshade 

  • 1 x Zippered Storage Pouch

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