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Portable LED Light Compatible with MagSafe Wireless Charging

Portable LED Light Compatible with MagSafe Wireless Charging

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Instant-on Design 
Equipped with capacitive touch switches, the light turns on instantly when you grab it, illuminating your journey in a flash.

Multi-stage Lighting Adjustment 
With 3 levels of brightness adjustment, freely switch according to your usage scenario and ambient atmosphere.

MagSafe Wireless Charging & Tesla Wireless Charging Pad Compatible 
Supports MagSafe wireless charging and seamlessly integrates with Tesla's in-car charging pad for convenient charging anytime.

Charging Protection Mechanism 
When placed on the wireless charging pad for long periods, ensures battery health. The firmware mechanism ensures charging activates only when the battery level is below a specific capacity, to extend battery life.

Built-in Battery 
Features a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, providing uniform and soft 4000K natural light adjustment.

Multi-usage with Magnetic Holder Set (Model S/X) 

  • Sun Visor Mode: Enhanced front seat illumination.
  • Roof Shade Mode: Light up the entire car, perfect for car camping nights.

Upgrade Rear Seat Experience, with Magnetic Hook Set (Model S/X or Model 3/Y)
Rear passengers can easily store with just an instant attachment, making it convenient to find items in the car.

Compatible with Center Console Storage Box (Model 3, 2024+ Refreshed Version) Perfectly fits, adding illumination to the center console storage, no more searching in the dark.

Indicator Light/Function Explanation

Charging Instructions

This product supports wireless charging only. Please use a wireless charging pad to charge this product for the first time.

Battery Status Indicator Light

  • Charging: Steady on 
  • Low Battery: Flashing
  • Standby/Full Battery: Off
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