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NEMA 14-50 Mobile Connector Adapter

NEMA 14-50 Mobile Connector Adapter

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Unlock Tesla-Compatible Charging Efficiency Enhance your electric vehicle charging experience with our advanced Tesla-Compatible Charging Adapter. Engineered for seamless compatibility, simply connect this adapter to your Mobile Connector, insert it into the appropriate outlet, and kickstart your charging process effortlessly.

Advanced Built-In Temperature Monitoring Safety is paramount. That's why our adapter boasts an innovative temperature control chip. This smart feature actively monitors the charging temperature, automatically halting the charge if it detects excessive heat, safeguarding your vehicle against potential hazards.

Superior Cable Durability Upgrade to unmatched durability with our 17mm wire diameter cable—40% thicker than Tesla's standard 12mm cables. Designed for heavy-duty use, our cable supports a maximum current of up to 40A, surpassing Tesla's 32A limit by 25%. Experience faster, more efficient charging without compromising on safety.

Enhanced Terminal Protection Our adapter's end terminals are finished with a high-quality galvanized coating, offering exceptional resistance against corrosion and oxidation. This protective layer ensures your charging experience is uninterrupted and safe, even in the most humid environments, by preventing short circuits and enhancing longevity.

Elevate your EV charging with our Tesla-Compatible Charging Adapter. It's not just an accessory; it's your gateway to a more efficient, safe, and durable charging solution. Embrace the future of electric vehicle charging today.

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