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MRS Beauty West's Model Y Exclusive

MRS Beauty West's Model Y Exclusive

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MRS & MR Beauty West's TOP choice accessories for Model Y!
The exclusive special price for new owners🎉 

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Exclusive Content

  • Model Y All-Weather Floor Liner Combo
  • Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade (Eclipse)
  • Foldable Car Tray
  • Center Console Cup Holder (Gray)
  • Center Console Organizer (Transparent Grey)
  • Armrest Organizer
  • 100W Car Charger
  • Glovebox Hook
  • 6D Invisible Foldway MagSafe Car Mount (Wireless charging)
  • Air Compressor + Valve Caps Combo
  • 36W Mini HUB
  • SSD 1TB for Tesla Steam & Dashcam
  • USB-C Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Anti-rebound Umbrella (Black)
  • Front Trunk Hook


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  • The bundle items cannot be exchanged for items from other series.
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