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Hub Combo

Hub Combo

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*Not Compatible with Reengineered Model 3 Highland (2024+)

4 Port USB Dashcam Hub 

Designed For Tesla 3/Y Glovebox
Slim design takes minimal storage space.

Solution for Missing Data Functionality on USB Ports for New Teslas
One USB port turns into FOUR, supporting a Tesla USB drive and three additional devices all at once. 

Dedicated Port Design
 1 port > SuperSpeed USB:  Recording and saving footage at high-speed (for Dashcam, Sentry Mode & Steam)
‧ 3 ports > HiSpeed USB: Shielded to avoid interference, ideal for wireless controllers and TeslaMic use.

Stylish Metal Design
Metal housing for durability, avoiding signal interference, rapid heat dissipation, and a perfect fit with the Tesla interior.

Go With Jowua Wireless Controllers
Supports dual Jowua Wireless Gamepad at the same time without input lag and signal interference.

*Please plug in the first and third USB ports when using two USB dongles.

36W Hub Bar mini

Light & Fit
Designed for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 with DUAL USB-C ports in the center console. Provides light and helps you find your stuff in the dark.

36W Powerful Hub
USB-C Port supports PD 36W. USB-A ports support QC 3.0 for Android device fast charging. (All ports support power only, no data transfer.)

*NOTE: The 36W output is only for vehicles with AMD processors after 2022. The Model 3/Y before 2022 only supports 27W output.

Fully Waterproof
Adopts PCB Dip-coating Technology. A waterproof net formed by nanoparticles is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to acid, alkali, and salt.

The Perfect Combo
Fits perfectly with Jowua Center Console Organizer and Magnetic Charging Cable. The ultimate organizing solution for the 2021-2023 refresh console. 

Dynamic Power Control
Automatic distribution of the available power of one USB-C port to all connected devices, ensuring all connected devices charging are dynamically adjusted and optimized.

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