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Apple Watch Tesla Charging Kit

Apple Watch Tesla Charging Kit

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What's included:

• USB-C to USB-A Adapter(Power Only) x 1
• USB-C Female to USB-A Male Adapter x 1


Support Apple Watch Charging
Built-in intelligent chip for charging your Apple Watch and other Apple devices while you're on the go.
*The cable for the Apple Watch is not provided with this product. 

Premium Material 
Constructed with high-quality metal to ensure a longer life span.

Compact and Stylish 
Pocket-size design, lightweight, portable, and won't take up a lot of space.

Who needs this product?

Certain Apple product will not charge in a Tesla. This is generally due to Apple not including a cable that has Power Delivery (PD) functionality in the cable. When a cable doesn't include PD, it will not work in a Tesla. 

We have tested the charging of many devices in the cars, but it's impossible for us to know which cables include PD and which don't. If your Apple device won't charge, this is likely the issue. 

* This is a known issue with Apple Watch SE, but may also occur with other Apple devices. 

What inspired this product?

A Twitter thread by sarah b !


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