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Model 3/Y USB Dual USB-C 45W Hub with LED Light

Model 3/Y USB Dual USB-C 45W Hub with LED Light

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For 2021-2023 Refresh Center Console

❗ For 2022+ Model 3/Y center console configured charging functionality without data transmission, the HUB will enable charging functionality but no data transmission.


Light & Fit
USB hub with LED light design for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 with DUAL USB-C ports at the center console. Provides the light and helps you find the stuff in the dark.

*Not Compatible with Reengineered Model 3 Highland (2024+)

USB Hub with More Possibilities
Two USB-C ports support up to 45W PD 3.0 power delivery and data. Other USB ports support DashCam and Sentry Mode storage, music, Boombox, game controller, and other USB device charging.

Dynamic Power Control
Automatic distribution of the available power of your Tesla USB to all connected devices. Ensuring all connected devices charging are dynamically adjusted and optimized.

Fully Waterproof
Adopts PCB Dip-coating Technology. A waterproof net formed by nanoparticles, which is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to acid, alkali, and salt.

Support Laptop Charging
Go with Jowua USB-C Charging Cable for laptops, which supports all brands of charging specifications.

The Perfect Combo
Perfectly fit with Jowua Center Console Organizer. The ultimate organizing solution for the 2021 - 2023 refresh console. 


Input: Dual USB-C
Output: USB-C x 2 &  USB-A x 3

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